Class Action Lawsuit for 35 billion has been officially filed, starting in Canada.

STOP GETTING THE INJECTIONS! The Nuremburg Code is being enacted for “Crimes Against Humanity”.

Stop getting the experimental Guinea Pig shots.

Lawsuits are sweeping the world! The “American Frontline Doctors” also have a lawsuit starting. Tell everyone you know to stop getting the “Jab”.

STOP GETTING THE INJECTION! Sound the alarm! Watch some of the videos above. In addition, Doctors looking at the syringes contents, are even seeing strange things swimming in the fluid. And there are even “Morgellon’s” showing up on PCR swab tests.

All this “mystery” stuff has been Patented by the 1% Elites, and we have the patent numbers to prove it! Stop believing the Mainstream Media, which is manipulated by government propaganda, just to make the rich richer and take our freedoms. They are not reporting any of this. And please, watch out for the children too…

The evidence is astronomical and undeniable at this point. All the evidence is collected on this channel. Just grab a glass of wine and look. There are enough red flags at this point, to literally open a red flag store. What more do you need. Vaccinated people are dropping like flies. The vaccines are killing them, and the government is lying and saying it’s Covid instead. We are being duped. And so many doctors are blowing the whistle.

The Doctors are saying women are going infertile, too. If you still think the shot is ok…then I don’t know what to say. You have nerves of steel. None have FDA or MHRA Approval. None. If anyone says they are, they are lying. And Lawyers don’t file lawsuits that they think they will lose. Think about that. Share, share, share!