Hieronder volgt een aantal definities betreffende contracten volgens de Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) welke wereldwijd erkend en gevolgd worden. Tevens de achtergronden van één van de verborgen contracten waar overheden gebruik van maken, maar wat illegaal is.

Bound in hidden contracts – What is a contract?


An agreement, upon sufficient consideration, to do or not to do a particular thing. 2 Bl. Comm. 442; 2 Kent, Comm. 449. Justice v. Lang, 42 N. Y. 496, 1 Am. Rep. 576; Edwards v. Kearzey, 96 U. S. 599, 24 L. Ed. 793; Canterberry v. Miller, 76 111. 355. A covenant or agreement between two or more persons, with a lawful consideration or cause. Jacob. A deliberate engagement between competent parties, upon a legal consideration, to do or abstain from doing, some act. Wharton. A contract or agreement is either where a promise is made on one side and assented to on the other; or where two or more persons enter into engagement with each other by a promise on either side. 2 Steph. Comm. 54. A contract is an agreement by which one person obligates himself to another to give, to do. or permit, or not to do. something expressed or implied by such agreement. Civ. Code I,a. art. 1761; Fislc v. Police Jury. 34 La. Ann. 45. A contract is an agreement to do or not to do a certain thing. Civ. Code Cal.

What is a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is a registration into a corporation. A bond  forced to be signed by the parents without full disclosure of what it means.

Registration is giving over ownership to something else. You were told that it was to protect yourself and your children.

A contract is an agreement between two human beings with full disclosure of what the contract means which is bilateral.  Thus not between a human being and a corporation or a human being representing a corporation.  We were signed off, registering us off as children to the State as their property, a corporation that owns us and were given a name in all capital letters, a legal fiction, a person, a legal corporation.  This way there can be a contract established. There has to be joinder with you in order to create a contract, therefore your Name must be a corporation so the State can be in commerce with you.

See Black’s Law dictionary, edition 7 (most widely used lawbook in the US) for the definition of ‘person’.


The Law Dictionary, Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.


What is PERSON?

A man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes. 1 Bouv. Inst. no. 137. A human being considered as capable of having rights and of being charged with duties; while a “thing” is the object over which rights may be exercised (=sold into a slave contract assumed dead after 7 years after birth without notification from the victim: you and me!). This is Admiralty Law (= ‘legale’ staatspiraterij).


Which rights can you not sign away in a contract?


First of all, jurisdiction matters; i.e, child marriages or concerted marriages are prohibited in the majority of countries in the world but not in all.

It is very difficult to list every right that you can’t sign away in a contract; if the purpose of the contract is illegal (Common law and Civil law countries agree in this) then it is not a valid contract.

You can’t sign away your right to be paid for the work you perform or sign away the benefits of your work (for instance: you can’t sign away your right for receiving a salary for your work, holidays or vacations).

You can perform a contract with almost everything that is in your area of possesion or free disposition with the following limitations:

Contracts that will affect you in an irreversible way or harm your health condition; i.e. sell human organs

Contracts that are contrary to human rights or human integrity (slavery, prostitution, drug traffic etc).

Contracts in which the purpose is illegal.

Contracts in which the obligation is legally or physically impossible (door met bedreiging met geweld illegaal geld afpersen van mensen die niets meer hebben ).

Contracts contrary to the public order and/or moral customs of your country: slavery; idolatry!


Hidden contract: slavery through your birth certificate


Every country is a corporation

At the website of Dunn & Bradstreet you can get information on the US Corporation and what it really entails. It’s no different for the State of the Netherlands Corporation; it’s a company and the people are employees in hidden contract through their birth certificate which they never agreed upon. 

A corporation cannot attack a living man/woman. Registration into a corporation, like a school system, gives you certain rights and obligations.  Being registered as a member of the US Corporation ( or Staat der Nederlanden corporation or EU corporation) makes you shareholder and beneficiary as well.

When signing the birth certificate you are enrolled in the private, federal democracy of the State of Colombia a.k.a. The United States (ofwel ‘Staat der Nederlanden’). 

The US corporation was registered in Washington DC at Dunn & Bradstreet (Staat der Nederlanden corporation in Amsterdam, see Edgar Files) and all the laws and by-laws apply to this city of origin everywhere in the country. (De huidige waarde van ons eigen geboortecertificaat, door het nummer op ons geboortecertificaat in te vullen op de ‘savings bond calculator’, is te vinden op Toch is dit een uiterst fictieve waarde, omdat wij opgezadeld zijn met een fiat currency, waarvan de waarde nergens anders aan vast zit dan wat de onrechtmatige eigenaren van deze fake currency opdissen. Met quantative easing is er feitelijk geen limiet aan de ‘waarde’).   

You are a shareholder of the Corporation

As a shareholder of the corporation you can pay any federal permit, license, fine or loan with your signature. The UCC form is the vehicle to do that which can be used internationally.

We as a shareholder should be payed dividend each year by the corporation. They privatized everything, (rechtbanken, deurwaarders(kantoren), banken, politiediensten, rechters en de belastingdienst). They created a for profit corporation and they charge us as debtors, because we don’t know any better. 


Currencies are fake money: fiat currency or debt notes

The US corporation went bankrupt in 1933, although this story goes back to the 19th century where the debt originated between the British Royal Family and the Vatican for war efforts. The privately owned Federal Reserve (US Central Bank) made its way into the Treasury that was backed by gold and silver at the time and took control over the wealth of the people. Over time they brought in the Federal notes (nepgeld). All the gold and silver eventually was stolen bit by bit by the few elite families that control the world’s financial system and replaced by worthless banknotes. This federal reserve note is a commercial lean (vordering) that the government has on the public. Is is a temporal replacement currency to keep the economy going despite of the bankruptcy. The only back up is from people’s hard work and labour which essentially made us slaves to the system. We were collateralized on the UCC-1 which is an uniform international commercial code. We were collateralized as agriculture. To take care of the debt the US Corporation brought us all in. They used us as cattle to take care of the debt.

So they collateralized us (de werknemer werd onderpand, in slavernij gevoerd, voor de schuld en werd schuldenaar vanaf de geboorte) and by doing that they created birth certificates to register us as board members, but not letting us know we were also beneficiaries of this corporation. They always want your signature, because your signature carries the lean they have on you. The reason they need our signature is that these higher up elites, the 13 Luciferian bloodline families,  are not from the earth like we are and they need our signature because they cannot put a lean on property so they slapped a lean on us and a lean on our property to bind the  property to themselves. (Dit is een geestelijke machtshiërarchie welke resorteert onder Lucifer (= Satan, de Aanklager) die mensen nodig hebben en dezen (bv. overheden)  inzetten om hun claim in de materiële wereld op aarde te kunnen waarmaken. Dit gebeurt door misleiding, gebruik van woord magie, verborgen illegale contracten, roof, leugen en bedrog).

This makes us accomplices with evil without knowing it. They already done the UCC-1 on us. This specifies a specific kind of lean, which is maritime lean or agricultural lean. They turned it into a franchise which enables them to charge you for everything.


Controling your estate:

In onderstaand schema zijn de rollen voor het beheer van jouw en mijn estate (=de mens als bezit die een bepaalde waarde vertegenwoordigt) weergegeven. Dit is de waarde die jij en ik vertegenwoordigen bij onze geboorte door ons werkzame leven, waaraan een waarde is gekoppeld, aan ons als persoon door het ondertekenen van ons geboorte certificaat door onze ouders. Deze rollen zijn Executor (= Uitvoerder), Trustee (= Curator/Vertrouweling), Beneficiary (= Begunstigde). Het schema geeft aan hoe het hoort te zijn.